Subj: [UFOTruth] Updated Situation Report: Psychotronic weaponry
Date: 9/3/00 1:22:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

If anyone has any doubts about the existence of psychotronic weaponry, they
should reconsider their opinion. This weaponry exists, as demonstrated by
the US patents office (registrations posted by Dr. Boylan) and by personal

My husband was a Green Beret in Vietnam and trained at Fort Gordon in
Georgia in radio technology, which was used in the early seventies. A
friend of his allowed him to view a laboratory in which tests of this type
of weaponry were being conducted. When he was in the laboratory, the
friend showed him a machine (not large) with a sattelite-type dish on top.
He told him to watch and then turned the machine to a certain frequency and
aimed it at a rat. The rat collapsed in paralysis. He then changed
frequencies and aimed the dish at my husband. He said he experienced a
tingling sensation and paralysis of his arm. The friend told him that
various frequencies affected various parts of the body.

Since my husband was an employee of the CIA, essentially, and was enjoined
from speaking about any of his experiences, he is even now hesitant about
saying anything about anything. He was contacted yearly for twenty-five
years at Christmas-time, no matter where he moved to, by people who were
connected to and loyal to the full-bird colonel who invited him to be in
the "pack." (he was probably invited bacause of his familial relationship
to Twining.) The secrecies act to which he was enjoined ended in 1996 and
he began to speak of his experiences in Laos and Cambodia (where he was an
operative.) Even now, he shrinks from any public acknowledgement of his
experiences. I did tell him that I intended to post this information and
he was not happy about it. He said that he did not want to be subject to
any more surveillance than we already have been since my extraterrestrial
contact [black helicopters circling the house, unmarked cars following us,
etc. (so stupid, like I'm some kind of security risk, dumb.)

If the technology during the Vietnam war was so advanced and secret that we
are just learning about it, can you imagine what it is like now? We may
never know in our lifetimes.