Subj: keep it private (kemokae)
Date: 8/30/00 11:03:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent...was reading about your "blue flashes" and they were seen last summer and
several times since then west/'east of "the Dalles" Oregon ...and always to
me it seemed during an "Solar Storm" and sometimes "light" earthquakes in the
area afterwards....that's what is making me "think" they are low levels of "lightning"
strikes coming up from the ground due to the Storm activity. Almost as if they look
for weak places to exit as they go though the earth beneath us.(Possibly making contact with airplanes also) To me from what
I have seen ...120 degrees longitude is a "hot spot" for them and I found out by
coincidence that along this same degree in Southern Oregon they have had UFO
acitivty in the past... near the "Dry Lakes"...truly makes one wonder "what's going on?" I doubt that "blue lightening" flashes have the intensity of "white lightening"
strikes. I also think this area is a fault line of many years ago...perhaps continental
plates previously. It could also be underground "crystal" because this area looks
to been a "waterway" thousands of years ago geologically. There in lies my so
called "sensitivity" to the Solar Storms in that its "Radio" waves that I "sense"
prior to earthquake activity and proven to be a factor talking to Berekely in their
studies of the Parkdale quake. I do not know if "Radio" waves could cause the
the Blue Flashes or not and "react" like "lightening" ...maybe some of your
contacts would I am not a "Scientist" by profession...but sure can tell
what I "feel"....and/or "hear"....which is much like a "rushing" of air and a "pulsating"
sound. People have tried to tell me its "tiniutus"...except...sometimes I don't have it
at hearing is as "good as ever". Somedays its really if I were
deaf completely...and I have found out that "metals" esp. "Gold" intensifies it. I
don't know if "other" so called "sensitives" are the same or not. Would be interesting to know though. I don't feel even though I had a near death expereince
that this is a God-given "talent" as much as a result of "changing" of my body from
the experience in some way....medically.