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Kent Steadman 10/11/2003 2:05 AM Comments October

At this precise moment Kent is discouraged and tired of the apparent culture with telltale signs of collapsed imagination, cartoon officials and the horrid cadence of marching boots...

Ah well, moods do pass...I´ll carry on...gettin old and cranky...I'm going to go off into some writing, art, music for a spell.

Here is how ORBIT BEGAN


In the enchanted Lands lived a great lady of brave sparkle. Her hair was the glow of autumn amber; her skin was the pale of the snowy swan; her eyes pooled emeralds.



Probably unprofessional, but then what is professional in the old coot realm: got any soothing words of encouragement? Do We Continue?

email: bardsquill@aol.com


1. A few emailers sent negative crap: one or two posts. Sorry, don't need you right now, get enough bad vibes in the forums. So flush, down the toilet, you can't play. Not that character assassination can't sometimes be okay. I've made many mistakes in my life. And in fact at my age I do think often about facing ArchAngel-Fred at the Judgment bar.  Preparing now for the fun, polishing my sword, taking the dents out of my shield.

I'm already experienced in the ol moment-o-truth-life's-film-tape-review, happened in Mariposa CA in '78 when my Harley nose-dived over a cliff. Good thing, eh?

2. This dialogue is really important to me, hopefully you too. If I miss a worthy email, sorry, just me being senile.

Below are your comments, pasted in by me.



10/12/03 7:46:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Thanks for your previous efforts and hard work, they have been greatly

enjoyed. But as I write, I cannot in good conscience ask you to continue..I

probably would not...but,(Personally I hope You do!) Try recruiting some

young 'uns you can spread around some of the nitty-gritty to and then spread

around the research chores...Most master of the universe, ARE MASTERS OF

DELGATION..at least that's what I've heard!

I've had the same sense of answer-less frustration that threatens to quiet

the ALMIGHTY question, and when it comes, it comes. There's so much CRAP

floatin', the pool gets CROWDED!!

I am sometimes helpless against it, but I have partial cure that I guarantee

has the power to assist you..

PICK UP THAT DOBRO DELTA and don't put it down 'till you've bled off some

blues. Create some stuff for YOU..not for us..We (myself included, tend to

be an ungrateful lot) Ya know..the ole "Pearls before Swine thing??" Ok,

we're not ALL swine, just people with voracious, swine like behaviors...

I got curious once and chased some links to your music that was posted and

your tune-crafting blew my mind. Aside from your occasional references to

"ART" I did not realize we had MUSIC in common..

You see I just had that sort of BLAH-ness after a month-long Hospital stay

(an' I'm a young feller), and to help me get better, my wife bought me a

brand new Schecter C-1 Elite Electric guitar (A beautiful fire orange thing

with MOTHER OF PEARL ALL OVER IT!! and a Marshall 100 watt...


I go to LIVE365.com internet radio (NOT a plug, just a reference) and found

the dirtiest delta blues I could find, and my frien'...I'm sweating out the

devil..knocking out some red-hot licks, and feeding da soul.

Sounds like you could use some like medicine...

My Wife teaches art, and I'm a paid artist, and we both find, repeatedly,

that we get caught up in serving, and it's like gettin' snake-bit. You get

all puffy, pained and lethargic, and it takes some soul-feeding to get the

groove back.. for me, that's where the guitar come in..I'm just getting to

where I can speak with the damn thing, and I USE IT FOR ALL ITS WORTH!!

Make some tunes, update in little-bitty doses (just to keep the audience,

and keep your posting chops),

and purely for MY benefit, post some more of those tunes of yours... and

spend lotsa time with that DOBRO-heh, heh...even to the chagrin of the dear

wife...remind her..You be Takin' yer medicine!!!

A hundred thousand CANDY BARS says that'll fix what's ailin ya..

(At least a little)

Best to you...send our prayers to Doug Pooley

KENT REPLY: I do have to back off a bit, you are correct. I must "court the Muses" again. MUST!. Good things are coming, like you say, young geniuses. Heads up Monday.



Date: 10/12/03 8:49:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, As a reader of your website I would say yes please continue. As a person who was also born in 1942 in an air-raid shelter, I believe one must always go on. The information you provide is essential and welcome.

We here in New Zealand watch with interest as the US is apparently heading for a meltdown To give up is unthinkable and yes I do know what lack of finance is like, I have good qualifications including an MBA and I still can't get a job suitable to my skills but I still persist.

KENT REPLY: won't quitting just changin



Date: 10/12/03 6:59:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Chasing Shadow. :-)

Imagination. Inspiration. Information. Cogitation. Love2Love

KENT REPLY: Yep, that's the ticket



Date: 10/12/03 6:07:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent

Know how you feel - depressed and uninspired. The magic seems to have withdrawn itself lately, leaving a hollowness and detachment. Can only hope it's for a good reason - maybe the vessel has to be emptied of all earthly concerns before it can be refilled with a finer substance.

Personally, sleep is pretty much all I want to do, other than keeping the garden growing with minimum effort. Don't feel obliged to keep yourself going beyond your limits for the benefit of others - not now. If self needs nurturing in the form of time out to just hibernate from the world, then do it. All others can find other ways to inspire themselves, instead of hanging off your efforts. Maybe you'll feel inclined to continue after a good rest, maybe not. You have earned your way, so maybe it's now time to just let go, let God.

All the best

KENT REPLY: For me best not to DO magic but allow magic to do me--to allow for an open door.



Date: 10/12/03 5:16:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hang in there Kent. We love you and Orbit, and it is probably important on

some universal level that you keep going. We live across the Pacific, just

aross the puddle ;), we get all sorts of rubbish out of the states, its

really nice to be able to get good info and an interesting and funny take on

the madness that is engulfing the world out of there as well. If you were

gone we wouldn't get that.

I just heard on the radio my favorite old record store just shut down (Au go

go in Melbourne). It would a real tragedy if one of my favorite web sites

went too.

I wasn't even gonna email, but you should hear what a great effort you have

put in over the years.

You have done a pretty good job for an old coot ;), up you get and back into

it mate.

KENT REPLY: [Reaching for the aspirin bottle, ready-go]



Date: 10/12/03 2:04:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time

So many of your readers, as well as yourself, find creative expression in the arts. Perhaps, as many other websites today do, cyberspaceorbit.com can have a section where some of these creative endeavors can offer their crafts and arts through you, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting your cause and all benefiting in the process. By bringing into the fold a wider selection of offerings, this widens as well the financial channel you already have in offering your own works. I know I would consider this option, should you offer it to your readership, when thinking of gifts and whatnot for any occasion. Again, just a random thought.

My encouragement once again, on a much needed service you provide us all with. Namaste!


KENT REPLY: YES, good idea, especially for my own creative beast. Think as a result of all this some other young geniuses be coming on board with more advanced tech which will free me up more for creative stuff



Date: 10/12/03 2:26:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

If that booklet lady wants to go barebones and DIY

type, let her know she can scam a lot of copies from

most stapples stores. either for free by just walking

out, or just paying for a few copies but making a

bunch. its easy;)

and email andrewhaust@hotmail.com and ask him about

doing graffic stuff. hes good and he will probably do

it for free. tell him marco sent you.

as for money, i live on the street and am too lazy to

mail the 5 dollars or so that i could send you. but

if you wanna come to montreal ill give you some money

and a guide to train hopping.

anyway, dont worry too much about stuff. Im sure that

you will get whatever you need when you need it. im

very greatful for your site. im fairly new to it but

im constantly amazed at its ability towards news.

when i started living on the streets i kinda wanted to

get away from too much conspiracy thoery because it

was making me paranoid and i was forgetting how to

love life itself. now i just use it for the

occasional happy reminder that life isnt as mundane as

people dont want to belive, but fear not beleiving. :)

the internet was my first source for this, now that i

am free or much of the societal pitfalls i have time

and presence to watch in the energy of the world. the

good and bad.

everyday people are waking up and falling asleep.

everyone on their separate journey through pleasures

and pains. its beautiful. the towers fell and the

moons on fire. i dont want to control the world. but

to control my reactions is where real power is.

everything else will fall into place when and how it

needs to.

now i will go off on a hopefully short rant.

...Television! yesterday i realized part of the

plight of television. To make us sit and stare. vile

and deceptive, i say. It captures the imagination

(which i might add, still exists, in some form). And

since our imagination sort of dictates our reality,

our reality becomes greatly effected by what we see

and do in relation to television. and what we see is

people. people like us. living lives like us.

whats the problem you say? the problem is that this

imagination is passive. there is no interaction

between our physcial selves and the world in front of

our eyes and subsequently in our head.

therefore, when we enter the world of 3D, we continue

to sit and stare. when we walk down the street (if we

are ever so lucky to be outside of our car or house)

we stare into the eyes of countless numbers of people.

but that is all that happends. because our

imagination has become passive so our reality has

become passive. these people arent "real". or so our

subconcious thinks as we pass quietly with our

thoughts and our fears. tis a vile circumstance in a

world that needs interation. connection. trees put

back up outside, not in our heads. in our heads there

is a naked child dense forest. on our streets there

is miles of nothing. what a lonely existance.

but alas, it shall not always be this way. two

courses i see to take. the easiest and most difficult

is the one of a self induced realization of the world

around them by the peoples of the world. one by one.

each person extending their mind to the next person in

the circle.

or their is the slippery and sticky path of force.

the path of fear. as said by Dona Celestina de la

Solidade, "fear can be a powerful teacher". as we

have seen in events all the time. fear forcing one to

extend their mind to the person standing next to them.

but this path leaves a lot of work for our poor

mother. earth. who must first block the ways we have

found around our need to connect with the world around

us. the exploits of electricty. telephones

televisions and teletubbies. and alas, we have seen,

as william s burroughs has predicted, our mother has

begun to turn out the lights. cut off our night

lights. take away our electric security blankets.

preparing us to face our fears. to age as a whole.

perhaps little by little we shall be initiated to

become a warrior race of beings.

KENT REPLY: OPHELIA, NOTE! Very cool this is good vibes.



Date: 10/12/03 2:17:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Mr. Steadman,

If you are feeling discouraged by the way things in this world seem to be

going, or where things seem to be headed, please know that you are not

alone. But there is hope. Ron Paul and another congressman or senator, I

can't remember which, have introduced a bill that, if passed, would recind

most of the "Patriot" Act, and so far it is garnering wide-spread support.

But there is the bigger picture to concider, and to address this I would

recommend your read "The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us

About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny", by Wm Strauss and Neil Howe.

You may also want to read their previous book, "Generations: the History of

America's Future, 1584-2069". I myself have been feeling what's coming

since I was 8 years old (I'm 47 now), but it didn't have a face; Planet X,

Yellowstone, the wretched thing they did to Jupiter, none of these seemed to

sum up the feel of what it is I've been senseing for 39 years. Strauss and

Howe's books do...especially "The Fourth Turning". So please, hang in

there! Things may get worse before they get better, but those bastards in

DC forget our collective revolutionary history at their peril.

Please take care of yourself and treat yourself gently. God knows you

deserve it!

KENT REPLY: I am not or was not a political beast, but on 9-11 a fellow in LA had a wire to world news and it went from there--into what--hundreds of folks participating as well as a bit of a shock for myself.
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